The World’s Leading Worship Harpist Reveals … 
How To Play The Harp In Worship This Weekend…
Even If You Have Never Picked It Up Before Now!
  • How to play along with any contemporary worship song without sheet music
  •  Use technology to modernise one of the most ancient instruments in the world
  •  How to “rock it” on the harp on stage with great confidence
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Andrew Ironside's Story
Andrew Ironside is a world renowned worship artist, master of 23 instruments, singer, songwriter and producer, and artist having recorded and produced more than 47 projects over a period of 20 years in his own “Ironspiration Studios”, a facility Andrew runs both for his own projects and for other recording artists.

Andrew’s annual schedule includes leading worship, teaching and training worship teams, training pastors and leaders throughout Europe, South Africa, Asia, the USA and Australia.

Andrew and his wife Desma are proud parents to 5 adult children. 

Andrew’s goal is to serve and assist the ‘worship culture’ in the local churches around the world in any capacity, from training worship leaders, musicians, sound engineers, songwriters, church leadership, coaching & mentoring.

 “We want to see churches learn to work within Gods anointing, to step up in character and achieve great excellence”!

Sam Stiner - NSW

I’d never played the harp before this webinar and I played the next weekend in worship!

Karen Lim - Worship Pastor - New Creation Church, Singapore

"I thought mastering the harp in such a short time would be impossible! But Andrew approached harp learning in such a fresh new way.   
This made improvising, practising and applying the harp for worship so much more approachable!”

Allison McLean - Harp Teacher North Carolina

I’m a harp teacher and played for more than 30 years but I joined the webinar to know how to use the harp for contemporary worship. This is a technically difficult solo instrument but Andrew’s approach is unique, and it works! 

Lish Schoeplein

I felt stuck in how I was playing the harp and wanted to bring excellence in the worship and be accountable, so I joined and wow! So glad I did!
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Watch Lish's Testimonial Video
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